11 Highlights From ‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions Final Week (Guest Blog)

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Last Updated: July 10, 2014 @ 8:47 PM

Oh my, we are just burning through the last of these blind auditions! Let’s sit around the campfire and chat about some of the best (and oddest) moments from this week’s “The Voice” on NBC.

1. Escaping the Katy Perry curse.
I remember Matt Cermanski from last season’s blind auditions. He performed the lung-busting, not found in nature “Teenage Dream” and fell prey to the Katy Perry curse that haunts “The Voice” stage (FYI: Most who sing Katy Perry on this show are goners!). However, this time around Matt’s subtle, sincere take on “Have a Little Faith in Me” landed him on Team Adam and won him “most improved!”

2. Well, that was awkward.
Did my eyes deceive me, or was that footage of a tiny Matt singing on the toilet during this background package? OK, now I’m uncomfortable.

3. Come to Jesus.
There was so much to love about Tamara Chauniece’s audition. She recorded her first album when she was 11 (11, y’all! What were you doing at 11, huh?!). She’s drop dead gorgeous. She handled CeeLo’s lecherous advances, I mean “witty repartee,” with grace, and her take on “1+1” was decadent and lovely (maybe the best of the night!). This is a win-win for Team Cee Lo.

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4. Is there a statute of limitations on sob stories?
Every artist on “The Voice” is encouraged to present a touching backstory (hey, it’s good TV!). However, Brandon Chase – I think it’s ok to stop recounting your near death experience as a tiny baby again and again. You were a miracle then, but you’re a miracle now too – a fantastic singer who is well deservedly on Team Blake. Next time you want to tell it, just pinch yourself and remember “I’m all grownup!” and let your mom tell it for you (have I mentioned I love your mom?!).

5. You don’t bring me flowers anymore.
Lupe Carroll delivers flowers for a living and gets choked up when he talks about his wife (Aw!). He also has a raspy, lived-in tone that made me an immediate fan, so I might have cheered when Cee Lo turned his chair during his audition of “If I Were A Carpenter.” While I definitely heard some nerves in his voice, I’m curious to hear what Lupe will do in the battle rounds. If he can relax and let that tone shine, he’ll excel on Team Cee Lo.

6. You spin me right round.
Grey doesn’t need a last name. It’s just Grey, y’all, and her radio friendly take on “Catch My Breath” gave us the funniest moment of the night – Blake’s chair malfunction that turned his 180 for her into a sharp 360. This was clearly a glitch somehow masterminded by Adam, because Grey ended up on his team (despite Blake’s protests).

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7. What would Lionel Richie do??
Despite his amazing pedigree (a dad in The Commodores? You don’t say?!), Dominic Scott Kay was unable to turn the coach’s heads with his rendition of “Easy.” Blake and Adam gave Dominic some helpful advice on how to improve his technique, and Adam explained why he’s a fan of Lionel Richie’s version (Did we mention his dad was in The Commodores? We already did? Well let’s mention it again!). In other news, Dominic is young and fresh-faced and probably had all the tweens at home swooning, asking “Who is Lionel Richie??”

8. So many gifts in one audition.
Michael Lynch is an Irish white boy who loves to sing in Spanish. His audition of “Bailamos” delivered so many good moments – a terrific vocal performance on a difficult song, a charming duet with Christina, Cee Lo saying the word “salsa” and most importantly – Adam giving himself a time-out because he wasn’t being “heard” by the other coaches. Team Christina was lucky to get this guy.

9. A match made in cowboy heaven.
Wanna see a lesson in futility? Re-watch CeeLo’s attempts to win Brian Pounds over after his soulfully country rendition of “Wagon Wheel.” I think we all knew how this story would end the minute we saw Blake and Brian’s matching ensembles of plaid shirts and jean jackets.

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10. The country moonwalk is back.
Blake’s country moonwalk is now a swing of some sort, but it’s just as exciting (and frightening) as it was last season.

11. Closing time.
Shawn Smith’s raspy take on “Chicken Fried” helped the Iraq war vet known as “Big Sexy” slide into the last open spot of the season (and the final spot on Team Cee Lo), warming hearts everywhere as he joyfully hammed it up. I like this guy. Then, CeeLo flashed everyone, and things got weird (but what a way to end this round!).

Next week: We move onto battles but more importantly – CHER. Going into battles, some of my top picks are Caroline Pennell, Preston Pohl, Tessanne Chin, Ashley DuBose, Josh Logan, Ray Boudreaux and Will Champlin (among others). Who are YOUR favorites? Tell me in the comments, and I’ll see you next week!

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