‘1917’ Receives Overwhelming Acclaim Following NY and LA Screenings: ‘Stunning on Every Level’

Expect Sam Mendes’ war film to earn multiple Oscar nominations

1917 trailer

If the social media reaction coming out of the first round of screenings for “1917” is any indication, Sam Mendes has made a World War I film for the ages.

While full reviews won’t hit the internet until Monday afternoon, attendees of press screenings in Los Angeles and New York were free to post their thoughts on Universal’s upcoming epic. Featuring the cinematography of “Blade Runner 2049” Oscar winner Roger Deakins, “1917” follows two British soldiers tasked to save their fellow men from an ambush in a race against time.

Universal has heavily promoted Mendes and Deakins’ choice to film the entire movie as if it was one continuous take, similar to Alejandro Inarritu and Emmanuel Lubezki’s work on “Birdman.”

From the second ‘1917′ starts to the final frame, it’s a total immersion into another time and place and it’s just a stunning movie on every level,” Collider Editor-in-Chief Steven Weintraub wrote. “Another 2019 film that absolutely blew me away. See this on the biggest screen you can.”

Podcaster Matt Neglia called the film “THE technical achievement of 2019.”

“We’re with these men through every footstep & it’s unlike any war film you’ve ever seen before,” he wrote. “Epic & tense direction by Sam Mendes, emotional & exhilarating music from Thomas Newman & an all timer from cinematographer Roger Deakins.”

“I was skeptical of the ‘one continuous shot’ aspect,” UPROXX critic Mike Ryan wrote.  “Worried it would get too cute with it, but it really works for this story, putting us right there in this hell.”

“1917” will be released in select cities on Christmas Day with a wide release set for Jan. 10. See more reactions below.