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Watch Trump’s Excruciating 29-Second Handshake With French President (Video)

POTUS has a tight grip that won’t let go

Donald Trump delivered yet another signature awkward handshake, this time to French president Emmanuel Macron on Friday.

The two political leaders met to close out Trump’s state trip to Paris, according to The Guardian.

As a farewell gesture, Trump and Macron shared an ordinary handshake that quickly turned weird. Trump clamped down on Macron’s hand and held it for nearly half a minute as the latter leader attempted unsuccessfully to pull away. All the while, Melania Trump looked on in muted confusion.

About halfway through the 29-second handshake — and still with his hand firmly clasped onto Macron’s — Trump pulled in French First Lady, Brigitte Macron. Fortunately for her, she only had to endure about a two-second-long Trump handshake.

An encounter from the day before may have prompted France’s First Lady to quickly pull away. On Thursday, Trump commented on her “great physical shape” before pulling her into a hand-crushing death grip.

See Trump’s hands in action in the above video.