3 Reasons Talk of a ‘Rival’ to YouTube Is Ridiculous

Mythbusting: Online Video Edition

Maker Studios, besides fending off a lawsuit from former CEO Danny Zappin, is launching its own website to host its videos later this year as an alternative to YouTube.

Internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, CEO and founder of Inside.com, a major YouTube content provider, said recently that a few of the online video giant's top partners are prepping competitive sites, and many have construed them as "rivals" to YouTube.

TheWrap used that very word in writing about Maker's plans. These companies are upset with the low revenues they get from YouTube, and have expressed their frustration in public.

They are also eager to direct viewers to a website they own, generating more revenue in the process.

Yet these new sites are not potential rivals to YouTube, nor are they intended to be – yet.

Here are three reasons why: