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3 Subway-Riding Tips for Presidential Candidates (Seriously, It’s Not That Hard)

Since Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had so much trouble with New York’s Subway system, here’s a crash course

All presidential candidates heart New York, especially come primary season.

But if you want a New Yorker to vote for you, you better know how to ride the Subway.

Bernie Sanders, who grew up in Brooklyn, apparently had no idea the Subway system had swapped out the old tokens for MetroCards more than a decade ago. And on Thursday, Hillary Clinton, who served as New York’s senator for eight long years, struggled for what seemed like eternity as she tried to ride the Subway … all in front of TV cameras.

Since this seems to be a recurring issue, we thought we’d give the candidates a quick tutorial.

Listen up, people. Because if there’s one thing New Yorkers have no patience for, it’s a tourist who can’t figure out how to ride the train.

STEP 1: Buy a MetroCard.

STEP 2: Swipe MetroCard card on the turnstile card reader.

STEP 3: Actually, that’s it.

Easy breezy.

P.S., We don’t recommend touching the Subway poles. They’re nasty.

Watch Clinton struggle with her MetroCard here.