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’30 Rock’ Finale: 30 Funcooking Moments of Living Every Week Like Shark Week (Video)

Show signs off tonight — but after seven years, we still haven't caught all the jokes

For seven seasons, "30 Rock" has, in the words of Tracy Jordan, lived every week like it's shark week.

It's the fastest, sharpest-toothed comedy on the air — and usually the most dangerous. Any list of great moments on "30 Rock" will feel incomplete — there are just too many brilliant throwaways to recount them all. So we're willing to bet you can think of a few thousand we missed.

"30 Rock" ends Thursday after an episode last week in which Jack Donaghy made one of his wisest decisions: turning NBC over to former intern Kenneth Parcell. In the same episode, Liz Lemon adopted two children who have lots in common with her two adult babies, Tracy and Jenna Maroney.

We're going to miss them – along with Pete, Lutz, Twofer and the rest of the show's bizarre menagerie of maladjusted humanity. We don't want "30 Rock" to end. But we're pretty sure the last seven seasons still have a few jokes we haven't even caught yet. Here are some of the ones we did:

30. Jack plays Tracy's family.

29. Liz stands up for feminism – first with Suri…

28. …and then with a "very sexy baby."

27. Tracy gives amazing advice.

26. Liz gets out of jury duty.

25. Kenneth's accent comes out.

24. Jack explains himself with one line.

23. Pete and Liz have a secret.

22. Jenna embraces a catchphrase…

21. …and has a new movie.

20. Dr. Spaceman teaches us about the heart.

19. Liz and Angie make friends.

18. Jack and Liz identify the worst people in the world.

17. Kenneth is an apple-faced goon.

16. NBC lands a new reality hit.

15. Twofer mentions where he went to college.

14. Jenna also has a secret.

13. Liz knows what she wants…

12. … and recites her hooker menu.

11. Jack dares tell Devin what kind of pizza to like.

10. Avery and Jack try to avert a Canadian childbirth…

9. … and Jack gets out-negotiated by his Trinidadian night nurse.

8. Tracy reveals The Funcooker.

7. Liz's men gossip.

6. Lutz gets told to shut up.

5. Jack acts naturally.

4. So does Liz.

3. …as they both hit their marks…

2. …even as Jack critiques her scene work.

1. Pete has a bad dream.