31 ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Actors Were on ‘Law & Order’ (Video)

No, really, the Netflix show isn’t the actors’ first brush with the law

If you don’t subscribe to the belief that necessity is the mother of invention, then get ready to have your mind blown.

In the emptiness that characterizes the “no spoilers” conversation around Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black” (or any Netflix program for that matter) after it’s been released, there is now a flickering of light. Minds have come together to make the darkness less… um, dark.

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First, the Astrostraddle blog discovered that an incredible amount of the cast of “OITNB” have appeared on NBC’s “Law & Order” — all on the hunch of their “OITNB” recapper.

Then, the Nerve blog stepped in and was able to take that list to the next level by finding all 31 “OITNB” castmembers in their roles on “Law & Order” and editing those scenes into one almost four minute mix.

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It’s quite the feat.

Enter TheWrap (who actually found the video on Vulture) and now you have the opportunity take part in this evolving conversation, as well.

Watch the video above.