5 Random Hollywood Questions About Apple’s New Gadgets

Apple Watch’s ability to tell time is probably its least important function for Hollywood trendsetters

Now that Apple has either thrilled or disappointed you with its latest tech wizardry, it’s time to start asking the important questions like: How safe are my credit cards on Apple Pay, and is the new Apple Watch waterproof? 

The Silicon Valley giant unveiled the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on Tuesday, in addition to the Apple Watch and Apple Pay. Apple’s iPhone 6 will come in the standard 4.7-inch screen and also offer a larger, 5.5-inch version called the iPhone 6 Plus. CEO Tim Cook also introduced the Apple Pay system, calling it “an entirely new payments solution.” The feature will work to replace users’ physical credit cards and will work with the American Express, MasterCard and Visa, as well as with bank issuers that handle 83 percent of the credit card purchases.

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The company underwhelmed some with the Apple Watch, which Cook called “the most personal device we’ve ever created.” The watch will only work in conjunction with the iPhone and won’t be available until 2015.

So here are five questions about Apple’s impact on Hollywood moving forward …


How safe is it to upload our wallets to Apple Pay?
Let’s be honest: Haven’t we all handed our wallets over to Apple already? Security questions abound after Apple came under fire during the Hollywood nude photo scandal that left numerous celebrities exposed on the Internet. Apple claimed its cloud storage system was not hacked and Apple security was not compromised, and it touted the new payment system as more secure than carrying a credit card. With the contactless system, cashiers don’t see consumers’ names, card numbers or security codes, while Apple will remain unaware of what consumers bought, where they bought it or how much they paid for it. If the consumer loses an iPhone, he or she can use Find My iPhone to suspend payments for for that device.


Will the new Apple Watch become the new Hollywood status symbol?
Like the iPhone before it, the Apple Watch has that conspicuous consumption wow factor that Hollywood loves. And considering the watch isn’t available until next year, you can bet that Tinseltown’s early adopters will clamor for advance access.

Kunal Nayyar, Big Bang Theory Which Hollywood star will be the first to receive an Apple Watch to wear on a red carpet?
TheWrap’s guess is a star of one of the many hot tech series like “Big Bang Theory,” “Silicon Valley” or “Halt and Catch Fire.”

Apple Watch Fitness

How long will it take for celebrity workout gurus to sell the Apple Watch diet?
Not long. Cook touted the watch as an “all-day fitness tracker and a highly advanced sports watch in a single device.” Apple noted that the device includes a Workout app that displays real-time stats such as calories, time, distance and pace for users’ workouts. With the popularity of FitBit and Jawbone, metrics are the new fitness fad. Industry execs light on sleep, exercise or protein can now drive their assistants crazy trying to pencil in extra yoga sessions or juice cleanses as their watch demands.


Who is the bigger star: Tim Cook or Bono?
It’s hard to say. One has millions of fans who anticipate each public appearance; the other is a rock star. U2 performed at Tuesday’s Apple event and announced a free album, “Songs of Innocence.” U2 has been involved with Apple since a branded iPod in 2004. This is the first U2 studio album since 2009.