5 Takeaways From Bernie Sanders’ Hollywood Town Hall: From Chomping on Churros to Legalizing Pot (Photos)

Vermont senator takes populist message to young voters during a special town hall for Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’ Revolt TV

Bernie Sanders was all business during his Hollywood town hall on Thursday.

The senator from Vermont took part in a last-minute town hall event for Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’ Revolt TV, a multi-platform network aimed at young audiences.

While Sanders mostly stuck to his stump speech, there were a few moments that stood out, including egging on Trump, chatting about pot and that churro he got from a voter just as he was about to leave.

Here are five takeaways from Sanders’ impromptu town hall event:

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1. Game of Trump
Sanders, who’s been pushing for another debate before the California primaries next month, wasted no time goating the GOP presumptive nominee, telling the audience he’d be more than happy to debate The Donald.

“Donald Trump has agreed to debate me, and I look forward to that,” Sanders said right out of the gate. “Hillary Clinton has not agreed to debate me here in California, so I look forward to debating Mr. Trump,” he continued. “I hope that one of the major networks will be prepared to sponsor that debate.”

Talk of a debate between the two candidates began after Clinton declined to participate in a Fox News debate in California, an invitation that Sanders accepted.

A cross-party debate between Trump and Sanders would no doubt be fun TV but it would also be unusual given that Clinton is largely expected to win the nomination.


2. Facebook who?
It almost sounded like a “Saturday Night Live” skit.

When the uber-cool and painfully young anchors asked their viewers to weigh in under the hashtag #Revolt2Vote, they mentioned Instagram, Snapchat and even Twitter, already considered a Stone-Age relic among Millennials. At no point was word the Facebook uttered during the two-hour event. And yes, we haven’t felt this old since “Top Gun” turned 30.


3. Sanders schtick goes to pot
While most of the conversation centered around issues like student loans, income inequality and criminal justice reform, Sanders did manage to perk a few ears when told his young audience he’d “vote for a resolution to legalize marijuana.”

That line got loud cheers from the crowd.

4. Hey Bernie, would you like a churro with that?
Just as Sanders was leaving, someone handed the Vermont senator a churro. We swear. One big, unusually long, tasty lookin’ churro. It was an odd yet fun thing to give a presidential candidate. Bernie accepted the churro with grace. After all, you don’t want to offend a potential voter less than two weeks before a primary.

Also, he probably knew that the headline the next day would be something along the line of: “Bernie Refuses Churro, Hates Mexicans.”


5. The home-field advantage
Question: Out of the 300 or so extremely young studio audience members, how many were rooting for Hillary Clinton?
Answer: Not a single one.

During one of the breaks the prepubescent Revolt TV host asked the audience to weigh in on who they thought won the Democratic debates during the primary season. While Sanders got a loud cheer from the audience, Clinton’s name was greeted with radio silence. It was so quiet, you could hear a car honking outside.

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