50 Cent, ‘Dance Moms’ Star Go for ‘Broke’ With Bankruptcy Claims: Wrap Trends (Video)

TheWrap’s Jordan Burchette wonders how rapper Curtis Jackson has escaped the trouble surrounding yapper Abby Lee Miller

“Dance Moms” star Abby Lee Miller was indicted on charges of concealing her income from a bankruptcy court this week, presumably in the same chamber she keeps the rancor monster.

The dance instructor and reality TV star stands accused of fraud for allegedly hiding over $755,000 of income she earned from the Lifetime series “Dance Moms,” which follows Miller, her impressionable young students and, of course, their unhinged mothers.

Miller may have an unlikely counterpart in rapper 50 Cent, who also filed for bankruptcy recently despite flaunting luxury cars, expensive jewels and literal stacks of cash on social media. Cent, however, has yet to be formally charged with fraud of any kind and, to be fair, has always claimed to be strapped.

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