’60 Minutes’ Blasted for Marjorie Taylor Greene Sit-Down: ‘Infomercials for Fascists Is a Bridge Too Far’

The CBS news magazine profiles the congresswoman who questioned whether 9/11 happened and defended the events of Jan. 6 in an upcoming interview

"60 Minutes" (CBS)
"60 Minutes" (CBS)

For some reason, this Sunday’s “60 Minutes” will feature a lengthy interview with Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green, the QAnon subscriber who has frequently expressed racist, antisemitic and homophobic rhetoric and elevated far-right conspiracy theories in ways that will feel both laughable and highly dangerous.

Lesley Stahl, America’s favorite prickly grandma (who we all loved seeing in “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On”) conducted the interview, which was promoted via a tone-deaf tweet that said the Georgia Republican “isn’t afraid to share her opinions, no matter how intense and in-your-face they are.”

And people have been responding to the tweet … appropriately.

Writer, journalist and big-time sneakerhead Russ Bengtson wrote, simply, “Delete your TV show,” with actor Paul Tefler tweeting, “Phew boy, how low you’ve sunk here.”

Consequence of Sound founder/publisher Alex Young tweeted, “Lmao what the f— is wrong with you guys?” Economist David Rothschild asked a similar question: “Why are you normalizing & sanitizing hardcore racism & antisemitism for US?”

This is, we should all remember, a woman who has questioned whether 9/11 happened, defended the events of Jan. 6, called into question Barack Obama’s ethnicity and suggested that John F. Kennedy Jr. was assassinated by Hillary Clinton because they both were up for the same New York Senate seat, something that was pointed out during the response to this tweet.

Ben Collins, a reporter for NBC, pointed out that MTG (as she is often known) called one of the Parkland school shooting survivors “Little Hitler.” (She’s pure class.) Luke Zaleski, a research director for GQ, also put it well, saying: “Marge is a confederate soldier not an American public servant. She has taken over Congress and wants to destroy the nation from inside. She admits it. Her public agenda is reinstalling a criminal traitor she’s obstructing justice for and breaking up the United States of America.”

Someone then responded that she wasn’t even born in Georgia … she’s just into bigotry.

David Zirin, a sports editor for The Nation, maybe put it best when he said: “60 Minutes lost its bite a long while ago. But infomercials for fascists is a bridge too far.”

“60 Minutes” airs this Sunday, just in case you need to know when not to be around your TV.