7 Funniest Rachel Dolezal Late-Night Jokes: Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, Seth Meyers, Jon Stewart Take Aim

“This is not a Buzzfeed quiz — Which ‘Living Single’ character are you?” Comedy Central host Larry Wilmore joked at the former NAACP leader’s expense

rachel dolezal

Rachel Dolezal captured the country’s attention as a white woman who identifies as black, and on Tuesday, got the spotlight from plenty of late-night hosts, too.

Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart and Conan O’Brien are among the comedians who set their sights on the former head of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP.

What’d they have to say? TheWrap found the seven best jokes from some of the funniest personalities on television so you don’t have to.

Jimmy Fallon:

“How about this woman Rachel Dolezal in Spokane, Washington? She was president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP but was exposed as a white woman who was pretending to be black. A lot of people are upset, especially her white friends who thought they had at least one black friend.”

Conan O’Brien:

“Rachel Dolezal, the white woman pretending to be African American, has resigned from her position in the NAACP. She was last spotted walking out of the NAACP offices with a box full of her Coldplay CDs.”

Seth Meyers:

“It was a beautiful weekend in New York. This is how nice the weather was: I went outside without sunscreen for about an hour, and I was elected to run the Spokane NAACP.”

Jon Stewart:

“So her mouth says, ‘I don’t understand the question.’ But her eyes say, ‘F-k. I’m busted.’

Larry Wilmore:

“Sorry lady, you are white, you don’t get an opinion on this. This is not a Buzzfeed quiz — Which ‘Living Single’ character are you?”

Deon Cole on “Conan”:

“You thought she was black? She looks like every white girl that went to Jamaica on spring break.”

Angela Morrison on “Late Night with Seth Meyers“:

“The only thing I fault the NAACP for is the use of ‘colored people’ in our name. I am not a colored person. I’m black. Rachel Dolezal is a colored person. She is literally a person who colored herself, and that color is tangerine sable.”