7 Most Brutal ‘Mob Wives’ Fights (Videos)

TheWrap looks back at some of the VH1 reality show’s most memorable throwdowns

Mob Wives

Karen vs. Natalie

When most people think of flipped tables on reality television, they think of Teresa Giudice on “Real Housewives of New Jersey.” But she can’t hold a candle to Karen flipping the table on Natalie during Season 5 of “Mob Wives.” The ensuing brawl ended up being one of the show’s most ferocious.

Brittany vs. Marissa

While the returning cast in the final season tried to get past their differences, the new cast members were ready to beat the living hell out of each other. In the end only one punch was thrown, but it was more than enough for Brittany and Marissa to leave their mark on the franchise.

Big Ang vs. Renee

Ang played the role of peace keeper of the group, but that changed when she called Renee a “rat” in Season 5. With few things more offensive to Renee, the fight got heated enough that it eventually turned physical.

Drita vs. Karen, Ramona

If any of the cast is the least afraid to throw a punch, it’s Drita. Even going up against two of her fellow cast mates, the fired-up mob wife showed no fear.

Carla vs. Renee

In what can be safely called a failure of a dinner party, Carla and Renee got in each others’ faces with expletives and homophobic slurs. By the time things got physical, the other women’s attempts to intervene seemed futile.

Drita vs. Karen

Whether Karen had sex with Drita’s ex-boyfriend or simply made out with him, it offended Drita enough to tackle her co-star to the ground in Season 1. Being held back by Renee, Karen didn’t stand a chance.

Love vs. Carla

“I’m not behaving, I’m just waiting,” Love warned at Drita’s ’80s-themed birthday party. And she lived up to that warning when she lunged at Carla within two seconds of sitting down with her.