7 Things We Learned About Stephen King From Reddit

The author participated in an AMA session to promote CBS' new summer series, "Under the Dome"

Stephen King took to Reddit to promote "Under the Dome" and answered questions from fans during the AMA session about anything but the new CBS series.

While fans weren't clamoring to inquire about the television adaptation of his 2009 novel of the same name, they did want to know a number of other things about the series' executive producer.

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In case you were wondering, the author's favorite television show is FX's "The Americans," he deeply misses Hostess Sno Balls, is terrified of Alzheimer's disease and spiders, and his favorite piece of his own work is "Lisey's Story."

Here are 7 other things TheWrap learned about the master of horror:

King has been critical of a few of the films based on his novels, most notably Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining," so it makes sense that his favorite film or television project wasn't based on any of his pre-existing material.

"The best thing I wrote for film was the 'Storm of the Century' miniseries. That's one I still feel good about. You never get it all right, but we got most of it."

Although King is open to writing sequels to his novels, and wrote one to "The Shining," he'll never revisit 1987's horror tale "It."

"I don't think I could bear to deal with Pennywise again. Too scary, even for me."

King doesn't try to get his novels adapted for film and television — they just are.

"I never think about movie versions when I write, because that would put a border around my thinking. I just write the stories. If someone wants to make a movie, that's fine."

Speaking of King's many, many film adaptations, ever wonder which actors were able to best portray his particular vision for the characters they played?

"I'd say the four boys who played the kids in 'Stand By Me.' River Phoenix was a standout."

Electronic readers like Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iPad may be continually rising in popularity, but King will never give up on paper. For good reason, too.

"I like stories. The delivery system isn't as important to me as a good story. I will say this: if you drop a book into the toilet, it doesn't short out. And a lot of us read in the bathroom!"

The man loves his classic rock. Just not Led Zeppelin.

"Favorite musical act of all time? Probably Creedence Clearwater Revival. But AC/DC is close…and The Temptations…the Stones…ah, man, don't get me started. Just not Led Zeppelin."

For all the aspiring writers out there, there's only one way to deal with rejection from publishers. And it's certainly not giving up.

"I just went on to the next story — there's no way to deal with rejection other than to continue on, banging on the door."