9 Imaginary Snapchats From Sasha and Malia Obama (Photos)

Critics and social media users won’t give the First Daughters a break, so TheWrap ponders the fun they’d have sharing their pics

The Obama Girls aren’t having any fun, according to everyone from venomous congressional staff to the New York Times.

Often dramatic and at times baseless accounts of their bad attitudes have been proliferated since November, most recently in a memo documenting how Sasha and Malia are totally over their Hawaiian Christmas vacation.

“They take selfies. They roll their eyes at their father’s jokes. They prefer Beyoncé to the singalongs in ‘Frozen,’” wrote the Times.

The trouble started at Thanksgiving, as the annual White House turkey pardoning saw the girls so underwhelmed at the hokey tradition that Tennessee congressional flack Elizabeth Lauten called their teenaged ennui low rent — even attacking their fashion choices.

“I get you’re both in those awful teen years, but you’re a part of the First Family, try showing a little class … dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar,” Lauten wrote on Facebook.

It’s mystifying, the lengths cultural commentators are going to explore their behavior — the Times interviewed a family psychologist to get to the bottom of why two girls aged 16 and 13 preferred engaging their smart phones over attending Disney movies with their mom.

This is a universal call to please let the First Daughters live. Tight restrictions for journalists photographing and writing about the pair certainly lend them some mystery, but by no means are the teens a psychological phenomenon or insidious force in the West Wing.

Each girl will reveal her personality if and when she chooses, but to temper the theatrics surrounding them, TheWrap has envisioned their true colors as told by an age-appropriate app: Snapchat.

Have a glimpse at what Sasha and Malia might share, and follow TheWrap on Snapchat “TheWrapNews” :

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