Sacha Baron Cohen’s 9 Craziest Stunts Before ‘Who Is America?’ (Videos)

Baron Cohen filmed a new series in secret for Showtime that includes an interview with Dick Cheney — these are the comedian’s other most outrageous moments

Bruno and Baby O.J.

In “Bruno,” Sacha Baron Cohen’s Austrian character adopted an African baby and brought him onto a reality show wearing a t-shirt that said “Gayby.” Calling him O.J., Bruno revealed he “swapped the baby for a limited edition U2 iPod.”

The Dictator’s Oscars Blunder

In 2012, Baron Cohen took on the persona of The Dictator, and spilled Kim Jong-il’s fake ashes all over the Oscars red carpet and host Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest later said he suspected a prank.

Bruno Interviews Neo-Nazis

Bruno chatted to Neo-Nazis about homosexuals at “Evil Fest” while a man in the video continuously did the Hitler salute.

Borat Sings National Anthem

Borat attended a rodeo and decided to sing the Kazakhstan national anthem lyrics to the tune of the American national anthem after he told the crowd he supported America’s “war of terror.” The whole stunt angered many to the point where rodeo officials had to escort Baron Cohen out of the arena for fear of a riot.

Baron Cohen Pushes Grace Cullington Off Stage

When the actor accepted the Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award at the BAFTAs in 2013, he “accidentally” pushed Grace Cullington, the last person alive to have worked with Chaplin, off stage. After gasps and shock, everyone became aware it was a staged joke.

Bruno Labels Shopkeeper as Terrorist

In “Bruno,” he interviewed a man he labeled as a terrorist from the al-Aqsa militant group in the West Bank and asked him to kidnap him so Bruno could become famous. In fact, the man was a shopkeeper and sued Baron Cohen for libel and slander, seeking $110 million in damages. He later settled for an undisclosed amount.

Bruno’s Baby Photo Shoot

After picking up baby O.J. at the baggage claim, Bruno had a baby photo shoot, where he asked parents whether their babies were OK with exposure to wasps, fast acceleration, dead or dying animals and if they were fine with undergoing liposuction to lose weight.

Bruno Goes Camping

Bruno went camping with hunters in Alabama, and things quickly got tense when he started talking about hot men and wanting to get into tents with the hunters. The men loaded their guns on camera and according to many news outlets, the team had to flee.

Bruno’s MMA Fight

Men in Arkansas went to see some cage fighting, but what they got instead was Bruno fighting against his ex-boyfriend Lutz before they ended up kissing and rolling around on the floor. The audience became enraged and threw beer cups and chairs at the pair, until the actors escaped through a tunnel, according to multiple media reports.