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’90 Day Fiance': Anfisa Says She ‘Deserves’ a $45,000 Dress (Exclusive Video)

”I deserve expensive things that make me look beautiful,“ Russian bride says

As has been well established, “90 Day Fiance” subject Anfisa is just the worst. And the only person who doesn’t seem to realize it is Anfisa herself. Even her supposed future husband Jorge seems to be growing wiser to this fact.

In a new exclusive clip from this week’s episode, Anfisa and Jorge go wedding-dress shopping together, making them prime targets for a mischievous saleswoman who asks if they’d like to try a dress that costs $45,000.

Jorge is clearly made uncomfortable by the proposition of dropping that much cash on one dress, but he’s swiftly overruled by an arched eyebrow from his fiancee, and next thing he knows, she’s putting it on. “I think just because it’s 45 grand, you love it,” he says when asked for his opinion.

Anfisa doesn’t argue otherwise, simply saying, “I deserve expensive things that make me look beautiful.”

Watch the video above.

Jorge, 25, and Anfisa, 20, met when Jorge stumbled on Anfisa’s Facebook page and began courting her. Soon he was taking her on expensive trips across Europe. Now he plans to show Anfisa a life of luxury in America where he hopes she will fit in with his large family, which includes protective older sisters.

Special programming note: Due to Presidential Debate coverage, this week’s episode of “90 Day Fiance” airs Sunday at 8/7c.