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Oxygen’s ‘911 Crisis Center’ Premiere: That Lady on PCP Is an Operator’s Cousin (Exclusive Video)

And she’s about to jump out the window in this sneak peek

You just never know who is going to call 9-1-1. Or who is going to get 9-1-1 called on them for apparently freaking out on PCP. New Oxygen series “911 Crisis Center” follows the goings on at a Chagrin Valley-area emergency call center in Ohio. And on Saturday’s premiere, one of the operators recognizes her cousin as the subject of a panicked call.

“I just opened the door to my neighbor. She just barged in, saying somebody’s trying to kill her,” the caller says. “She’s freaking out.”

“She’s on that PCP,” he continues.

When they get a name and an address, one of the call center’s workers, Essence, says “That’s my cousin.”

And according to the caller, who is on the phone with Essence’s best friend, the cousin is trying to jump out his window.

Watch it unfold via the video above.

Team members’ experience at the center varies from the 20-year veterans to those who just starting out.  However, all dispatchers are primed and ready to respond to a wide array of panic-stricken callers, the log line reads. Hearing callers terrorized by shots fired, angered over stolen cars, tearfully pleading during life-threatening medical emergencies and anxiety ridden over lost children makes working efficiently critical. The dispatchers work to swiftly extract needed intel while calming the callers, providing them with detailed, life-saving instruction and relaying all pertinent details to law enforcement on the ground and en route.

“911 Crisis Center” also examines the friendships between the dedicated professionals, the series description continues. The bond this tight-knit group has formed goes deep. They support each other through challenging calls and lift each other up when they’re experiencing tough times personally. However, not every moment of a shift is rife with traumatic calls. The dispatchers celebrate birthdays, share homemade treats and crack inside jokes that lighten the mood. They also try to heed the ever present warning to never, ever jinx a shift by saying things seem “quiet” at the call center. 

From Warner Brothers Unscripted Television, “911 Crisis Center” is produced by Shed Media in association with Green Lakes Productions. Dan Peirson, Lisa Shannon and Adam Kassen are executive producers. 

“911 Crisis Center” premieres Saturday at 9 p.m. on Oxygen.