New British Dating Show ‘Love Trap’ Drops Eliminated Contestants Through a Literal Trapdoor (Video)

And Twitter is falling in love — and also deeply terrified

Love Trap
Channel 4

The new British dating show “The Love Trap” has grown quite a quick following after a clip of how the competition’s contestants are eliminated went viral. Spoiler alert: The “trap” is used quite literally, as women who are cut from the show are shot through a trapdoor that opens up in the ground beneath them.

See how it works right here, courtesy of the U.K. show’s home network, Channel 4:

So yes, that’s “Too Hot to Handle” contestant David Birtwistle as the leading man on this dating series, which follows him as he tries to figure out which women are on “The Love Trap” actually looking to fall for him and which are already in relationships and there for the chance at a cash prize.

As you can tell from Channel 4’s promo clip, Birtwistle and his ladies at least appear to be shocked by this element of “The Love Trap,” which in the network’s own teasing words, might be “the most brutal show on telly.” A representative for Channel 4 did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for clarification regarding the elimination process and contestants’ awareness of it before filming.

A video of “The Love Trap’s” bonkers elimination format was shared via a now-viral tweet sent by Bec Shaw on Monday, who wrote: “you must see the end of the ep of this new dating show where the guy picks which woman is already in a relationship.”

He followed up that tweet with the second portion of the clip, which shows the cut contestant show up in a testimonial after her flight down the trap door, tweeting: “she is alive and she was a LOVE TRAP (also the name of the show)”

See Shaw’s tweets below.

Twitter fell for the show instantly. Well, some users did, others were terrified and appalled.

See reactions to “The Love Trap” below.