Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman Fall in Love – Much to Joey King’s Chagrin – in Netflix’s ‘A Family Affair’ Trailer | Video

Richard LaGravenese’s Netflix rom-com also stars Kathy Bates and Liza Koshy

What do you do when your mom starts dating your boss? Well, if you’re Joey King in “A Family Affair,” you first run into a doorframe. Then, you have a proper meltdown.

In the first trailer for the upcoming Netflix film, releasing in June, we’re introduced to King’s character, who’s been working as an assistant to a movie star — played by Zac Efron — for two years. And in those two years, she’s learned that he’s “self-absorbed and selfish” and has developed a pretty strong hatred for him.

So, when she walks in on him in bed with her mother, played by Nicole Kidman, she naturally freaks out.

“He’s going to hurt her. And I will have to kill him,” she tells someone over the phone.

But, it seems Efron and Kidman’s characters may have a real connection that they want to pursue, and Kathy Bates — Joey King’s grandmother in the film — is all for it. She may even want him more than her daughter does, the two women joke over Christmas.

King’s character will take some convincing though, as she actively works to keep her mom and her boss separated.

The rom-com is directed by Oscar nominee Richard Lagravenese (“Beautiful Creatures,” “P.S. I Love You”), and also stars Liza Koshy. You can watch the trailer for the film in the video above.

“A Family Affair” hits Netflix on June 28.


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