A Two-Minute Joe Biden Ad Ran on Fox News Over RNC Speech (Video)

The Biden ad ran while Trump aide Dan Scavino was addressing the Republican National Convention

Fox News has caught flack this week for having Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity talk or field guests instead of showing parts of the Republican National Convention. But that topic took a new twist on Thursday, the final night of the RNC, when Fox News ran a pro-Joe Biden commercial that drowned out a speech by Donald Trump’s deputy chief of staff for communications, Dan Scavino.

The ad ran for two minutes just before 9 p.m. ET, a half-hour into the night’s festivities.

“Some people are always in a hurry. They run when they could walk. Race up steps when others take it slow. When Joe Biden’s president, America is just going to have to keep up,” narrator John Doman read over video of Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, walking quickly — juxtaposed with a video of Trump stumbling down a ramp.

The ad, which the Biden campaign posted on YouTube earlier on Thursday, took shots at Donald Trump for his subpar response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We won’t have to wait to deal with COVID-19. He’s already got a plan,” Doman continued. “Won’t have to wait for a president on the side of working families. He’s from Scranton. No one has to tell him Wall Street didn’t build this country. He knows who did. We’re a nation that’s been hit hard by this virus. But Joe Biden knows when you get knocked down you get up off the mat.

“No one needs to tell Joe how hard life can hit you. Losing a wife, a daughter, a son. But he knows it’s in the pain you can find purpose. To lead America, you need to understand America.”

The ad aired right at the end of the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” portion of Fox News’ RNC coverage. Tucker’s show has hemorrhaged advertisers over the past few years as the far-right host has caught flack for making numerous inappropriate and incendiary comments.

You can watch the full ad in the videos embedded in this article.


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