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Aaron Carter Gets ‘Bullied’ Out of Voting for Donald Trump

Pop singer previously voiced support for controversial GOP candidate

Aaron Carter is walking back his previous support of Donald Trump after getting beaten up on social media.

After a fan tweeted that she still liked Carter despite claiming he was going to vote for Trump, Carter replied, “I honestly don’t think I will at this point. I’ve been bullied so badly because of it I don’t even want to vote now.”

Another fan then encouraged Carter to vote regardless, to which he replied, “I’m good thanks. Death threats and and over abundance of attempts to humiliate me is crazy.”

Carter went on to say he found it contradictory that people blasting him for his support of Trump are guilty of doing the very things they claim to despise.

In February, Carter replied to a tweet from Trump about self-funding his own campaign and not being beholden to special interests groups. “Does America want to have a president who FOLLOWS or someone who leads? I vote For @realdonaldtrump,” Carter wrote.

Carter‘s revelation of death threats and bullying come just after another celebrity voiced support for Trump. Scott Baio backed Trump during a recent interview with Fox News.

“I want him … to go into Washington to blow it up,” the longtime Hollywood conservative said on “Justice With Judge Jeanine.” “I’m fed up. I’m done with them, I’m done with the Republicans. They’ve lied and conned and B.S.’ed me for a very long time now.”