Hollywood Stars for Donald Trump (List)

Voting with the Stars: Trump’s supporters range from Kid Rock to Ann Coulter to Gary Busey and Dennis Rodman

Donald Trump may not have many endorsements from many A-listers or professional politicians, but celebrities are starting to come out for the former host of “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Welcome to another edition of Voting With the Stars, TheWrap’s breakdown of who in Hollywood is voting for each of the remaining presidential candidates. We’ve assembled our master list of who supports who by scouring public statements, social media posts, news reports, and campaign contributions.

Of course, people change their minds, so we’ll update our list as candidates gain — or lose — celebrity endorsements. (For other candidates’ supporters, click here. In fact, you may want to save that link, because the list of endorsements includes more than 200 stars, power brokers, and rich folks — and we’re adding to it every day.)

The Donald’s list of celebrity supporters is nowhere as star-spangled as the ones for Democratic rivals Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Still, it’s pretty good for a Republican, given Hollywood’s liberal leanings.

Hollywood stars for Donald Trump include Hulk Hogan, actual Hulk Lou Ferrigno, Kid Rock, Azalea Banks, Ann Coulter, Gary Busey, Dennis Rodman, Willie Robertson, and even his ex-wife, Ivana.

Clinton may get the most high-profile stars — including Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyonce, and Kanye West — but Trump has come a long way from a few months ago, when few in Hollywood would acknowledge backing him. That’s changed as he’s won three out of four of the early-voting states, losing only Iowa.

And our count of his supporters may be low: Some Hollywood Republicans, fearing ostracism or just awkward conversation, keep their politics close to the vest.

Here’s who in Hollywood supports Donald Trump:

Jon Voight 

Roseanne Barr

Kid Rock

Willie Robertson

Azealia Banks 

Gary Busey

Jesse Ventura

Loretta Lynn

Teresa Giudice 

Tila Tequila

Stephen Baldwin

Mike Tyson

Terrell Owens

John Rocker

Jesse James 

Wayne Newton

Mike Ditka

Ivana Trump

Ann Coulter

Dennis Rodman

Hulk Hogan

Lou Ferrigno

Aissa Wayne

Joe Arpaio

Scott Baio

Kirstie Alley

Who are you voting for?