Voting With the Stars: Your Guide to Celebrity Presidential Endorsements (List)

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and more: How more than 200 celebrities are voting

With more than 200 votes in, Hillary Clinton is handily winning the Hollywood primary race.

She has Kanye West’s vote, America Ferrera‘s, and Leonardo DiCaprio‘s — though Ryan Gosling went with Bernie Sanders. Republicans are fighting for the celebrity endorsements that remain, and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is doing best, winning over stars like Kid Rock and former “Celebrity Apprentice” competitor Dennis Rodman.

Welcome to Voting With the Stars, our new master list of all celebrities who have endorsed Clinton, Sanders, Trump, and the other Republicans in the presidential race. We’ve assembled it based on public statements, social media posts, news reports, and campaign contributions.

Of course, people change their minds —

— so we’ll update our list as candidates gain — or lose — celebrity endorsements.

Clinton leads the pack by a country mile, with Sanders a distant second. And to the surprise of no one, famously liberal Hollywood prefers Democrats to Republicans.

But Trump is still doing respectably among the rich and famous, perhaps because he’s one of them. After Trump, the Republicans faring best, in descending order, are Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and lastly, John Kasich. (Say this for Rubio: He won Jenna Jameson and Donnie Wahlberg‘s vote.)

Our list is only based on what celebrities have been willing to say in public, because some in Hollywood, fearing ostracism or just awkward conversations, keep their politics close to the vest. If you think we’ve missed anyone, feel free to let us know in the comments.

For your convenience, we’ve broken down the master list into separate lists for each candidate. (If we didn’t, this would be a very long, Clinton-dominated post.)

Click on each candidate’s name for the full list of celebrities supporting him or her.

Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump

Ted Cruz

Marco Rubio

Ben Carson

John Kasich

Who are you voting for?