Hollywood Stars for John Kasich (List)

Voting With the Stars: Kasich’s supporters range from Tim Allen to Charles Barkley to Montel Williams

John Kasich is as un-Hollywood as you can get — a plain-talking Ohio governor. And so far, Hollywood hasn’t jumped on his bandwagon.

His list of celebrity endorsements is almost nonexistent. It includes one former sitcom star, a former basketball legend, and a former talk show host.

TheWrap has assembled a master list of who in Hollywood supports which candidates based on public statements, social media, news reports, and campaign contributions.

We’ll update it as candidates gain — or lose — celebrity endorsements. (For other candidates’ supporters, click here.)

Here’s the list of Hollywood stars who are backing Kasich:

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tim Allen

Charles Barkley 

Montel Williams 

 Tajh Boyd

Harry Sloan

Who are you voting for?