Hollywood Stars for Marco Rubio (List)

Voting With the Stars: Rubio’s supporters range from Donnie Walberg to Jenna Jameson to Johnny Van Zant

Marco Rubio may be enjoying a wave of political endorsements from establishment Republicans desperate to bring down Donald Trump. But when it comes to winning over Hollywood, he’s got a long way to go.

At least he has Jenna Jameson and Donnie Wahlberg on his side.

Welcome to another edition of Voting With the Stars, TheWrap’s breakdown of who in Hollywood is voting for each of the remaining presidential candidates. We’ve assembled our master list of who supports who by scouring public statements, social media posts, news reports, and campaign contributions.

Of course, people change their minds, so we’ll update our list as candidates gain — or lose — celebrity endorsements. (For other candidates’ supporters, click here. In fact, you may want to save that link, because the list of endorsements includes more than 200 stars, power brokers, and other Hollywood rich folks — and we’re adding to it every day.)

Rubio’s star-studded list of celebrity supporters includes porn-actresss-turned-mainstream star Jameson, a former boy band singer turned reality TV performer, a Southern rock band frontman, and a Yankees star.

Not surprisingly in famously liberal Hollywood, Democrats have more celebrity supporters than Republicans — at least among those willing to publicly talk politics. (Some Republicans, fearing ostracism or just awkward conversation, keep their politics close to the vest.)

Hillary Clinton leads in the celebrity endorsement primary, followed by Bernie Sanders. The Republican with the most public celebrity support is Donald Trump, who also happens to be the GOP frontrunner.

Rubio is becoming the candidate of choice among Republicans trying to keep Donald Trump from winning the nomination — he recently earned the support of South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, among others.

There’s no telling if more star-studded support would help. Maybe Wahlberg and Jameson could start a phone bank?

Here’s the list of Hollywood stars who are┬ábacking Marco Rubio:

Rick Harrison

Donnie Walberg

Jenna Jameson

Mark Teixeira

Johnny Van Zant

Michele Tafoya

Kurt Angle

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