ABC Completes Upfront Selling With a $2.4B Take

Network is on par with CBS in total revenue and similar to CBS and Fox in price hikes between 8-9 percent

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ABC has completed its upfront selling for next season, taking in about $2.4 billion for all dayparts, individuals familiar with the negotiations told TheWrap.

While that total includes not only primetime but the other four dayparts, it does not include ads in primetime sports telecasts on the network, like the current NBA finals or Saturday night college football games, those individuals said. That advertising is sold by ABC's sister company ESPN, even though the programming airs on ABC.

Also not included: sales for the network's annual Academy Awards telecast and any time buys made in primetime on the network. (The Miss America pageant will air on ABC in January as a time buy, as previously reported by TheWrap).

Filtering out the other daypart advertising but adding in the excluded ads for primetime sports and other programming, the ABC primetime total is about that same $2.4 billion. That would put it on par with the approximate $2.4 billion taken in by CBS for its primetime inventory, and boost the four network total to about $7 billion, with NBC left to finish. Individuals familiar with the NBC negotiations believe all upfront deals could be completed by the end of this week.

ABC averaged between 8-9 percent cost per thousand price increases, on par with Fox and CBS.

An ABC spokesperson said the network would most likely not be commenting on their upfront sales.