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ABC News Demotes Brian Ross After Trump-Russia Error

Ross was roundly criticized for on-air error about Michael Flynn

ABC News has demoted Brian Ross, who was suspended in December after a serious error reporting about former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Ross will no longer work out of ABC News’ main headquarters, according to an individual with knowledge of the network’s decision, and he will focus instead on long-form assignments — a role that will allow more time for fact-checking.

Ross, who joined ABC News in 1994 after two decades at NBC, will work for the in-house production unit Lincoln Square Productions and will contribute to “Nightline” and “20/20.”

The new role means Ross is unlikely to appear on-air during live special reports. He was suspended for four weeks without pay after after he erroneously reported on live television that then-candidate Donald Trump had instructed Flynn to make contact with the Russians.

In a correction hours later, ABC News admitted that it was “President-elect” Trump who had made the request of Flynn — a significant difference.

But ABC News received withering criticism from all corners of the internet, and from President Trump, who said Ross should have been fired.

In 2012, Ross falsely suggested that Aurora, Colo. mass shooter Jim Holmes had been a member of the Colorado Tea Party — which he was not.

ABC News said Ross was not available for interviews, but he did issue a statement: “I am pleased to be back and looking forward to doing some important for LSP, ‘Nightline’ and ’20/20.'”