‘The View’s’ Whoopi Goldberg Wants Everyone to Know: ‘I Don’t Fart On-Air for Real’ (Video)

Many reports claimed the co-host loudly passed gas during Wednesday’s episode

Whoopi Goldberg breaking wind became breaking news on Wednesday after the co-host mocked passing gas during an episode of “The View.” On Thursday morning though, Goldberg set the record straight on what the ABC talk show has deemed, “Fart-Gate.”

“Apparently I need to clear the air over a couple things,” Goldberg said. “Everybody relax. I didn’t fart on air, it was a joke.”

She explained that the sound in question was actually an audio sting from one of the show’s new graphic effects. The effect was mistakenly played during a “Hot Topics” segment and both Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell reacted to the noise.

“I thought, ‘damn, that’s weird.’ What can I do, oh I know. I’m going to pretend like I let a little something go, as a joke,” Goldberg said.

Several media reports blamed Goldberg for farting on live television, misunderstanding that the sound didn’t actually originate from the 59-year-old comedian.

“I don’t fart on air for real,” Goldberg continued. “This is the second time I’ve covered something like this.”

As TheWrap previously reported, Goldberg took credit for a noise during a November episode of “The View,” excusing herself midsentence for what sounded like gas being passed.

“I thought people were much smarter than the newspaper gives folks credit for but apparently no,” Goldberg said of the response she’s received since Wendesday’s “incident.”

Watch the video from “The View” here.