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Former ‘View’ Host Joy Behar Returns Bearing F-Bombs (Video)

The original co-host returned to the ABC daytime talk show Friday and casually repeated the expletive uttered by her grandson

Joy Behar returned to ABC’s “The View” Friday, and the comedic force made her presence known by casually dropping the F-Bomb.

The original “View” co-host uttered the expletive while talking about her grandson Luca.

“My grandson, he’s going to be four … So the other day he’s doing iPad, and you’re playing games on there. Ninety-nine cents comes up, you have to pay,” she said. “And he goes, ‘These fucking people always want money.'”

The story riled up guest co-hosts Mario Cantone, moderator Whoopi Goldberg and co-host Rosie O’Donnell.

“Guess who’s back? Back again,” O’Donnell sang to the tune of “Without Me” by rapper Eminem. “Joy is Back.”

“Here’s my question,” Goldberg asked. “I wonder where he got that from?”

“I never said that. I don’t say it in front of him … maybe near him. ” Behar said jokingly. “That kid’s got supersonic hearing.”

Behar issued the curse word while the panel discussed the Taiwanese government. A new law makes it legal to fine parents whose children spend too much time on electronic devices, according to media reports.

“Aren’t all of those products made in Taiwan, too?” O’Donnell asked, inciting laughter from the audience.

Absent from the panel were Rosie Perez, who is currently performing on Broadway in Larry David‘s play “Fish in the Dark,” and Nicolle Wallace, who has been sick.

“I miss Nicolle, I have to say. I was really looking forward to seeing her and talking Sarah Palin,” Behar admitted.

Behar was one of the original co-hosts for “The View” before leaving after 16 years in 2013. Behar made her departure after Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s exit after a decade on the daytime show, TheWrap previously reported.