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‘Absolutely Fabulous’ Trailer Finds Edina, Patsy on the Run After Killing Kate Moss (Video)

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley revive their beloved sitcom characters for movie due in theaters on July 1

Edina and Patsy are back and just as daffy as ever in a celebrity-packed trailer for this summer’s “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie,” which Fox Searchlight released on Wednesday.

Jon Hamm, Rebel Wilson, Kate Moss, “Game of Thrones” star Gwendoline Christie, Lily Cole and designer Stella McCartney all make appearances in the footage. Hamm, as himself, apparently had a history with Patsy (Joanna Lumley). “I can’t believe you’re still … alive,” he tells her.

“You’re not wearing my clothes are you?” McCartney asks Edina (Jennifer Saunders) at one point. Abashed, the malaprop-prone Eddy tells the acclaimed fashion designer, “No, darling, no this is all T.J. Maxx.”

The plot seems to center on the pair accidentally pushing one of their fashion idols into the Thames river during a high-profile fashion launch party in London.

“You’ve killed Kate Moss!” Edina’s daughter, Saffy (Julia Sawalha), tells the pair.

The two soon go on the lam — to the south of France, of course, where they continue their pursuit of shopping, drinking and clubbing in a sunnier, beachier setting.

But not before Wilson, as a flight attendant, unsuccessfully attempts to taser Patsy. “Cheers,” she says. “Don’t get that on British Airways.”

“I think I’m now officially fatter sideways than I am frontal,” Jennifer Saunders‘ Edina says early on.

“You don’t need those,” Joanna Lumley‘s boozy Patsy replies. “I am your mirror.”

Mandie Fletcher directs the movie, which also features announced cameos by Jourdan Dunn, Suki Waterhouse, Alexa Chung, Dame Edna and Joan Collins.

Fox Searchlight will release “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie” on July 1.

Watch the video above.

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