Oscar Academy Members Split on New Inclusion Rules for Best Picture: ‘Great’ to ‘Half-Baked’

New rules that require diversity in front of and behind the camera don’t take effect until 2024

Since the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced new inclusion standards for the Best Picture category last week, Academy members privately seem to be equally split on the move — one of the biggest changes to Oscar rules in decades. Some wonder what the fuss is about and suggest the new rules don’t go far enough to encourage diversity in the industry, while others call the changes one more bad idea that won’t boost the show’s ratings or reputation.

One Academy member who spoke with TheWrap on condition of anonymity called the new inclusion standards “insane” and felt they have the potential to further drag down ratings from those who see the requirements as a form of affirmative action, while also being a way for studios to easily avoid making major changes. “There’s no end to the end-runs people could make around these half-baked rules,” the member said.

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Brian Welk

Film Reporter • brian.welk@thewrap.com • Twitter: @brianwelk