Academy Says New Director Won’t Take Jobs

British director Hamish Hamilton will use a largely American crew for the Oscar show, says an AMPAS spokesperson.

Last Updated: November 19, 2009 @ 5:14 PM

 Oscar staffers don’t have as much to fear from the show’s new director, Hamish Hamilton, as they originally feared.

Responding to a post in this column that followed the announcement of the British director’s hiring, an Academy spokesperson says that Hamilton will not be bringing a large UK crew to the Oscar show, a fear that some disgruntled staff members had expressed to me.

He will bring his “vision mixer,” a technical-director-type position that doesn’t normally exist in American television, as well as his main associate director. Otherwise, the spokesperson says, he will be staffing the Oscar show with an American crew.

Longtime Oscar crew members, including those who have worked with Hamilton in the past, were angered because he normally brings in additional British ADs and camera operators when he does shows in the United States.