Will Actors Still Do Sex Scenes in a Post-Pandemic World?

”Actors touching or kissing each other, that’s a question that will be about comfort level down the line,“ Tim Allen tells TheWrap

Any hope of Hollywood resuming productions any time soon hinges on the participation of at least one key group: actors. And not everyone on camera is willing to jump right back into performing intimate sex scenes, close-up fight scenes or anything else that involves a lot of close contact on screen.

The mood of actors across Hollywood seems to reflect the contours of the country; some will have the same comfort level with intimacy that they did before the coronavirus started, while others want a whole new level of protections and safeguards before performing. They’re now looking to the guilds, to prominent producers who have proposed plans and to countries that have already shared guidelines about how to safely get back to work.

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Brian Welk

Film Reporter • brian.welk@thewrap.com • Twitter: @brianwelk