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Regina Simons Tells Megyn Kelly About 1993 Rape Accusation Against Steven Seagal: ‘I Was Crying’

Simons first shared her account with TheWrap

Former actressRegina Simons joined Megyn Kelly on Friday to recounted her accusation of sexual assault against ’90s action star Steven Seagal — an account Simons first shared with TheWrap.

Simons told Kelly that as an 18-year-old in 1993, she was an extra on his film “On Deadly Ground.” She said he invited her to a wrap party at his home in Beverly Hills, but that when she arrived, no one else was there.

“He said he wanted to show me something and took me into what seemed to be a bedroom, there was a bed in there, and then closed the door and tried to kiss me and took my clothes off,” said Simons. “Before I knew it he was on top of me, and I couldn’t move. I just completely froze, and even felt like I left my body, was just — I knew I was crying.”

Simons continued: “I know there were tears coming down my face, [and] there was no anything from him to even see if I was okay.”

Simons is one of more than a dozen women who have accused Seagal of sexual misconduct, but she appears to be the first to publicly accuse him of rape. She and another woman, Dutch former model Faviola Dadis, told TheWrap they filed reports about Seagal with the LAPD in the last month. Dadis said he groped her during an audition in 2002.

Seagal later denied TheWrap’s report in an appearance on InfoWars.

Simons told Kelly the assault happened soon after she walked in the door.

“I was not there for anything other than to network and meet other industry people, and it completely caught me off guard,” said the actress.

You can watch a clip of her appearance below.