Adam Carolla Movie Sets Comedian Crowdfunding Record With $1.4M (Video)

The comedian and podcast innovator easily surpasses his goal for $1 million to produce his second independent movie, "Road Hard"

Adam Carolla has become the most successful crowdfunding comedian ever as his "Road Hard" FundAnything campaign neared $1.5 million at its close.

The frequently No. 1 podcaster on iTunes set his goal at $1 million, which he surpassed — barely breaking a sweat. Carolla's independent film received over $1.4 million in pledges.

“Reaching beyond my goal is flippin’ amazing! I’m blown away by the response of my fans, friends and supporters who have proven that you don’t need Hollywood to make a great movie,” said Carolla. “I really wanted to prove this can be done outside of the Hollywood system. We’ve succeeded beyond my wildest dreams,” Carolla said.

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Carolla will co-write, direct and star in "Road Hard," his second independent film. This movie, which follows 2007's "The Hammer," follows a former standup comedian-turned-sitcom-star who, after the cancellation of his show and a divorce, is forced to go back on the road and perform at the clubs he played on the way up. 

The film is being co-written and co-directed with Kevin Hench ("The Hammer").

Bryan Cranston promised to star in it with his buddy Carolla in a recent call-in to "The Adam Carolla Show," the comedian's successful podcast. The "Breaking Bad" star helped Carolla raise money through a funny launch video that went viral earlier this month.

The campaign kicked off July 2.

Watch the video of Cranston congratulating his buddy on surpassing the one million dollar mark: