Adam Nimoy Talks Documentary on Father Leonard, Being ‘The First Trekkie’

“The idea is really to explore who Spock is and why he resonates,” Nimoy tells TheWrap

Adam Nimoy, son of the late “Star Trek” actor Leonard Nimoy, spoke with TheWrap about the progress on “For the Love of Spock,” a documentary about the character his father famously played across five decades.

“The inspiration was the 50th anniversary of ‘Star Trek: The Original Series, which is coming up next year,” Adam Nimoy told TheWrap on Thursday. “I had read a number of books on the making of ‘Star Trek’ and just felt that there was a lot that was missing about the creation and evolution of Spock that we should re-tell in film form.”

Adam Nimoy worked with his father on the project before the “Star Trek” actor passed away in February. He decided to continue the work after the positive feedback he got from fans.

“The fanbase that Spock generated completely transformed our lives,” he said, admitting that he considers himself “the first Trekkie.”

“I was totally into the show before it even aired,” he continued. He was present on set when his father was filming the first episodes in July 1966 and the show began airing in September that year. He hopes to examine the cultural impact Spock has had since the character’s creation all those years ago.

“The idea is really to explore who Spock is and why he resonates,” he said. “What is it about him that has inspired people, that people have walked into, that has touched so many people, passionately, about Mr. Spock.”

“The other thing we’re going to look at is Leonard the artist, the man,” Adam Nimoy continued. “What is it about him in his life that has also had such impact on people. A lot to do about his artistic integrity, his desire to continue to explore and express himself in a creative way.”

The documentary is more than halfway to its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter. At the time of this publishing, it has raised over $360,000 of its $600,000 goal. The campaign goes through July 1 at

William Shatner, George Takei and Walter Koenig, Leonard’s co-stars on the series and subsequent films, recently spoke with Adam on camera about their memories of his father. He also has plans to speak with J.J. Abrams, director of the rebooted film franchise, while Zachary Quinto, who plays a younger version of Spock in the Abrams film series, will narrate the documentary. Leonard Nimoy worked with both on the recent “Star Trek” films.