Adam Sandler Shares Love for Bob Barker, Their ‘Happy Gilmore’ Fight

“Loved laughing with him. Loved him kicking the crap out of me,” the comedian said

Bob Barker Adam Sandler
Bob Barker and Adam Sandler in 1996

The passing of the legendary host of “The Price Is Right,” Bob Barker, has led to fans sharing their memories of growing up watching the game show icon or even having the fortune of meeting him as a contestant.

But more than anything else, Bob Barker may be best remembered for giving Adam Sandler the beating of his life in “Happy Gilmore.”

“The man. The myth. The best. Such a sweet funny guy to hang out with. Loved talking to him,” Sandler tweeted. “Loved laughing with him. Loved him kicking the crap out of me. He will be missed by everyone I know! Heartbreaking day. Love to Bob always and his family! Thanks for all you gave us!”

In one of the most famous cameos in comedy history, Barker played himself in the 1996 film that marked Sandler’s rise from “Saturday Night Live” star to box office star of the late ’90s. During a celebrity Pro-Am game, the failed hockey player-turned underdog golf star Happy Gilmore gets paired up with Barker, but ends up playing terribly after being distracted by a heckler hired by Happy’s rival, Shooter McGavin.

And when Barker calls him out for his poor play, Happy responds by decking the then 72-year-old star. Biggest mistake of his life.

Sandler vs. Barker became an instant hit and has become one of the most famous moments in the careers of both men. Sandler received an MTV Movie Award for “Best Fight” that year for the scene, and both he and Barker would be asked about it in interviews ever since.

In 2007, as part of a celebration of his 50 years in television and shortly before his final “Price Is Right” episode aired, Barker got a surprise visit from Sandler on the “TPIR” stage, with the comedian reading out a poem in the host’s honor.

“Bob Barker, Bob Barker, 35 years of giving us new cars on ‘The Price Is Right!’” Sandler read. “Bob Barker, Bob Barker, the silvered-haired devil who whooped my ass in a fight.”

Then in 2015, the two men reunited for a segment on Comedy Central’s charity event “Night of Too Many Stars” in which the two put their differences aside to raise funds for programs for autistic children.

Not only does it not go well, but the rematch fight is even uglier with defibrillators, bedpans and a raw sample of ebola. “I can’t wait to see David Spade’s face when he realizes there isn’t going to be a ‘Grown Ups 3!’” snarks Barker.

Barker, who hosted over 6,500 episodes of “The Price Is Right” from 1972 to 2007, died on Saturday at the age of 99.