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Adam Sandler’s Shower Quest to See Shaq’s Penis Gets Cartoon Treatment (Video)

”It’s like the Grand Canyon, you can’t live and not see it,“ explains Conan O’Brien in the animation

Conan O’Brien has turned Adam Sandler‘s fascinating anecdote about the search for Shaquille O’Neal‘s penis into a hilarious — if not slightly disturbing — animated adventure.

The “Conan” cartoon is based on a conversation Sandler had last year on the TBS show about a strange occurrence during the filming of “Grown Ups 2,” which featured the NBA star.

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Shaq and the comedian were playing basketball during a production break from filming, but were forced to take showers before returning to set. Naturally, Sandler’s first thought was what the 7-foot-one-inch, 324-pound behemoth would look like in his birthday suit.

“I gotta see Shaq’s penis,” Sandler mused. “It’s not a gay thing.”

“For historical reasons,” added O’Brien. “It’s like the Grand Canyon. You gotta see it, you gotta see it — you can’t live and not see it!”

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So, Sandler snuck into Shaq’s shower to sneak a peek, but was quite literally cockblocked by the basketball player’s one-eyed security guard.

We won’t spoil the ending, but rest assured the “Conan” cartoon — animated by Dilara Karabas — is well worth watching. See the video above.