A+E Networks’ New Programming Slate Includes WWE Show, Trio of Presidential Docuseries

Lifetime also announces new original movies starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Kelly Rowland and Betty White

Stephanie McMahon

In lieu of a traditional upfront presentation, A+E Networks announced its slate of programming across all networks on Thursday. Among the new shows are a handful of History channel docuseries centered on American presidents, a new unscripted series about WWE memorabilia for A&E and a new lineup of Lifetime Original Movies.

On the flagship A&E Network, the new greenlights include the Jeff Foxworthy-hosted live auction series “What’s It Worth? Live” and “The Quest for Lost WWE Treasures,” which will follow Stephanie McMahon and Paul “Triple H” Levesque as they go on a hunt for rare WWE collectibles.

History will expand its relationship with “The Food That Built America’s” Adam Richman with the new series “American Made” about the creation of America’s most groundbreaking inventions. The network has also ordered three limited docuseries about American presidents from historian Doris Kearns Goodwin and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way.

History also has a documentary series in the works with President Bill Clinton that will “explore the history of the American presidency and the struggle for a more perfect union.”

Over at Lifetime, which will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Lifetime Original Movie branding this year, the network has lined up new films with Jamie Lee Curtis, Betty White and more.

Curtis will executive produce, direct and star in “How We Sleep at Night: The Sara Cunningham Story,” which tells the true story and personal journey of a devout Christian mother who had to come to terms with her son being gay. Based on Cunningham’s memoir, Curtis will direct from a script written by Sally Robinson. The film will be distributed by Sony Pictures Television.

Robin Roberts will executive produce the movie “A Home of Their Own” as well as an accompanying documentary, via her Rock’n Robin banner. The movie will tell the story of Jolene Schlander and Calvin Wieldm who turned their lives upside down to foster children of opioid addicts, to join their own kids, all under one roof. The script is written by Maria Nation.

Lifetime will also release a third installment in the “Harry & Meghan” series titled “Escaping the Palace.” Scarlett Lacey is writer on the project and executive producers are Merideth Finn and Michele Weiss. Later in the year will see new holiday films starring Betty White, Kelly Rowland, Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez.

Read full descriptions of the new series below.


“What’s It Worth? Live”
A&E Network has greenlit eight two-hour episodes of the innovative new live series “What’s It Worth? Live” hosted by comedian and personal collector Jeff Foxworthy. Broadcast live from Atlanta, each episode will give viewers from coast to coast the opportunity to bid on and purchase an array of extremely rare, intriguing and valuable personal treasures, sold by everyday Americans in a real-time marketplace. Foxworthy will be joined by a team of experts to showcase items ranging from antiques to iconic pieces of pop culture discovered in a nationwide search. These unique and potentially one of a kind items–once gathering dust in living rooms, attics and bottom drawers from around the country–will be appraised live on air and put up for auction immediately online.

“What’s It Worth? Live” is produced by ITV America’s Thinkfactory Media for A&E Network with Adam Reed, Adam Freeman, Tim Cohen-Laurie, Simon Thomas, Rich Sirop, Jeff Foxworthy and Larry Burns serving as executive producers. Elaine Frontain Bryant, Shelly Tatro and Sean Gottlieb serve as executive producers for A&E Network. A+E Networks holds worldwide distribution rights for “What’s It Worth? Live.”

“The Quest for Lost WWE Treasures” (wt)
A&E Network has greenlit the new series “The Quest for Lost WWE Treasures” (wt) in partnership with WWE Studios which takes viewers on the ultimate hunt to find some of WWE’s most iconic, lost memorabilia. In each episode, WWE’s Stephanie McMahon and Paul “Triple H” Levesque, will lead a team of collectors, WWE Superstars and Legends as they investigate, negotiate, bid and travel across the country to hunt down and reclaim some of the most elusive WWE collectibles.

Throughout history, WWE’s action-packed storylines have spawned iconic, one-of-a-kind memorabilia, most of which is lost in attics, hidden in boxes or even claimed by competitors. Guided by McMahon and Levesque, the series will unearth these rare items in the hopes of preserving and sharing the legacy behind the memorable moments in WWE history. Episodes will feature exclusive WWE footage as well as unprecedented access to the WWE Archives, which holds more than 10,000 rarities including Andre the Giant’s custom boots, Vince McMahon’s cement-filled Corvette, The Undertaker’s caskets and more. Over the course of ten one-hour episodes, WWE Superstars and Legends will give viewers a unique look into WWE history as they seek out the missing treasures that have left a lasting mark on pop culture.

“The Quest for Lost WWE Treasures” (wt) is produced by WWE Studios for A&E Network with Susan Levison and Ben Zierten serving as executive producers. Elaine Frontain Bryant, Dolores Gavin and Jonathan Partridge serve as executive producers for A&E Network. A+E Networks holds worldwide distribution rights for “The Quest for Lost WWE Treasures.”


“Lincoln” (working title) – 3 x 120 min
Executive produced by Doris Kearns Goodwin, one of the world’s foremost Abraham Lincoln experts, the three-part premium miniseries event “Lincoln” (working title) will be a sweeping, multi-layered biography of perhaps the most important president in U.S. history, the man of remarkable character who led the country during its bloodiest war and greatest crisis. From Lincoln’s impoverished childhood to his days as a young prairie lawyer and budding politician, through his unlikely election to the presidency and eventual assassination, the miniseries will offer surprising insights into a man most Americans think they know. The miniseries will weave together premium dramatic live-action sequences and compelling expert interviews with a rich historical archive of rare photographs, prints, and original documents to provide a resonant, compelling and contemporary understanding of the President who saved the nation.

“Lincoln” (working title) is produced for HISTORY by Nutopia with Jane Root and Ben Goold serving as executive producers. Doris Kearns Goodwin and Beth Laski serve as executive producers for Pastimes Productions.  Eli Lehrer, Mary E. Donahue and Jennifer Wagman are executive producers for HISTORY.

“Theodore Roosevelt” (working title) – 2 x 120 min
The two-part premium miniseries event on Theodore Roosevelt, the first modern President of the United States, will provide a rich, panoramic biography weaving Roosevelt’s captivating personal story while revealing little-known truths behind his expansive curiosity, restless spirit and the profound, lasting impact he has had on the country. Known as a Progressive reformer, Roosevelt was a man of fascinating contradictions: a passionate conservationist who also hunted; a friend and supporter of the common man, who also worked closely with Wall Street and robber barons; a scion of an elite family who yearned to be a cowboy. This miniseries will chart Roosevelt’s riveting journey and timely story, using premium dramatic live action sequences, his many writings, as well as rich archival sources and expert interviews.

“Theodore Roosevelt” (working title) is produced for HISTORY by RadicalMedia. Jon Kamen and Dave Sirulnick serve as executive producers for RadicalMedia. Doris Kearns Goodwin and Beth Laski serve as executive producers for Pastimes Productions. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson serve as executive producers for Appian Way Productions. Knute Walker serves as showrunner. Eli Lehrer, Mary E. Donahue and Jennifer Wagman are executive producers for HISTORY.

“American Made” – 8 x 60 min
From producer Six West MediaTM, HISTORY’s new series “American Made” hosted by food author and television personality, Adam Richman, will delve into the making of All-American products, detailing both the process of the craft and the inspiration behind the idea. From behemoth factory lines using expertly choreographed machines that create thousands of products a minute, to smaller, locally-owned shops that rely on hands-on hard work and entrepreneurial know-how to make their merchandise, American ingenuity comes in all sizes.

Season one will explore the making of iconic products such as cheese, cookies and more. Through archival footage, engaging expert interviews, and on-site factory and small business visits, Richman will present the how? why? and where? of numerous products and the significance behind their invention and process.