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Aereo Has NYC Outage During Golden Globes (Update)

Outage lasts about an hour

Aereo had a service outage for about an hour in New York City during one of Hollywood’s biggest nights, the Golden Globes.

“Aereo experienced a partial outage in New York City tonight, which impacted a small group of users who were unable to access their accounts,” the company said in a statement. “Our engineers have worked to resolve the issue. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience and encourage any Aereo members impacted by the outage to reach out to¬†support@aereo.com.”

The high-profile snag in Aereo’s largest market came two days after the Supreme Court decided to hear broadcast networks’ case against the company, which beams network signals to subscribers’ computers.

Aereo says it merely uses the power of the humble and perfectly legal antennae to relay broadcasters’ signals — though it does it on a massive scale, using millions of antennae. Networks say it illegally retransmits their signals and violates copyrights.

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Aereo has never disclosed how many customers it has in New York City, the market where it debuted in 2012. Even amid lawsuits, the company has expanded rapidly to cities including Boston, Atlanta, Houston, Denver and Detroit.

New York City appeared to be the only market affected.