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AFM: Osiris Entertainment to Unveil Melissa Leo Drama ‘Bottled Up,’ New Division Paragon Pictures

The company will be shopping the Edward Furlong film ”Matt’s Chance“ and a horror movie titled ”Bloodline“

Evan Crooke’s Osiris Entertainment will unveil select 2014 titles at this week’s AFM beginning with Olympus Pictures’ drama “Bottled Up,” which stars Melissa Leo, Josh Hamilton and Marin Ireland.

Osiris is also planning to unveil “Matt’s Chance” starring Edward Furlong; the romantic comedy “A Big Love Story,” about a former football player who falls for his personal trainer; and “Bloodline,” which is a horror movie in the vein of “Cabin in the Woods.”

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Enid Zentelis (“Evergreen”) directed “Bottled Up,” which explores the debilitating effects of prescription drug abuse and the heart-wrenching struggle that comes with love and addiction.

Leo stars as a woman faced with the difficult choice of living a life dictated by the daughter (Ireland) she loves or her own personal needs.

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Osiris is focused on quality independent films with compelling story lines, solid production values and exceptional performances. The company has steadily increased its market share over the past four years at AFM, where Osiris will also introduce its new division Paragon Pictures at an invite-only breakfast at Chez Jay on Friday morning.