‘Agatha: Coven of Chaos’: Patti Lupone Lets Slip She’s Starring as Witch Lilia Calderu in Marvel Series

“I researched her, she’s hot! She’s really hot!” the stage legend gushed on “The View”


Patti Lupone is shedding a little light on what’s to come with “Agatha: Coven of Chaos” on Disney+. While stopping by “The View” on Tuesday morning, she revealed not only who she’s playing, but some details surrounding Joe Locke’s character as well.

Lupone’s casting was first revealed at the end of last year, though her specific character, along with details of the plot were kept under wraps. And for now, the exact plot of the Disney+ series — which she says is still filming in Atlanta — remains a secret. But Lupone was excited to tease her character.

“Well it’s a coven of witches, and I play Lilia Calderu, who apparently is in the Marvel world,” Lupone told the hosts. “And I researched her, she’s hot! She’s really hot! She is! She’s got a great body, raven hair.”

Lilia is a character yet to be introduced in the MCU, but in the comics, Lilia was a witch tasked with maintaining the Book of Cagliostro, and eventually an ally of Doctor Strange. She is also related to Karl Mordo, who we last saw in the MCU as part of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.”

Getting past her excitement for the look of Lilia, Lupone also revealed that Joe Locke, best known for his role on “Heartstopper” is playing “the familiar.” In the Marvel universe, familiars are people who are “attending to or obeying witches, vampires, or other magical beings.”

“We are a coven of witches, and the witches are Kathryn Hahn, Aubrey Plaza, and the familiar — if anybody knows ‘Heartstopper’ — is Joe Locke,” she explained. “And Sasheer Zamata, Ali Ahn, and myself. And I play Lilia Calderu, a 450-year-old Sicilian witch, whose power is divination, and whose trial is tarot.”

Marvel did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.