‘Ahsoka’ Unseats Netflix on the Streaming Top 10 | Charts

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The “Star Wars” series on Disney+ drew in over a million U.S. households in under a week

Ahsoka (Disney+)
"Ahsoka" (Disney+)

There are very few things in the pop culture landscape more popular than the “Star Wars” franchise, so it should be no surprise that the latest live-action “Star Wars” TV series from Disney+, “Ahsoka,” took the top spot for the most watched streaming program in the latest Wrap Report for Aug. 21-27. 

Even more impressive, “Ahsoka” is the first non-Netflix program to snag the No. 1 spot on Samba TV’s streaming top 10 since “Avatar: The Way of the Water” on Disney+ and Max topped the charts in early June. 

“Ahsoka” is also the latest “Star Wars” show to draw in over a million U.S.