AI Dubbing Company Deepdub Secures MPA’s Trusted Partner Network Certification

The company is bringing proprietary AI to Hollywood’s pre-release theatrical content


Deepdub, a localization company that employs generative AI for its operations, has secured the Motion Picture Association’s Trusted Partner Network (TPN) certification for its work with pre-release theatrical content. This certification verifies that the company has the security, tech, and infrastructure to meet Hollywood standards.

Deepdub uses “proprietary generative AI technology” to speedily and cost-effectively deliver high-quality localization work. As stated by the company, AI is used in every step of its post-production localization process, whether that be casting, sound mixing, content generation, or any other element of the pipeline.

Of particular note, the AI-friendly company’s dubbed audio harnesses voice data to reproduce the original viewing experience and its associated performances across different languages, meaning international test screenings and other pre-release work can be done faster and cheaper to ensure feedback from the largest possible pool of people.

“We are thrilled to join the ranks of TPN-certified companies, demonstrating our commitment to quality and security in the services we provide,” said Ofir Krakowski, CEO and co-founder of Deepdub. “Achieving this certification not only highlights our dedication to excellence but also reinforces our promise to offer our clients the best possible experience in AI-powered dubbing and localization.”

Deepdub has put its tech to the test by localizing’s foreign TV shows for English-speaking audiences and is already collaborating with Hollywood studios on both TV and film projects.

“The fact that we are the first AI dubbing solution to be accepted as a trusted service provider in the entertainment industry is a strong testament to our ability to deliver premium quality dubbing solutions. It also signifies a growing trend in the industry, where embracing AI technologies is becoming increasingly important,” said Krakowski.