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Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt Shuts Down Ted Cruz’s Attack on Chris Wallace: ‘He’s Part of Our Family’

The Republican senator said ”Wallace did a terrible job moderating“ the first presidential debate

Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt shut down Sen. Ted Cruz’s attack on colleague Chris Wallace Thursday morning during “Fox & Friends.”

“Look, I think the president’s right on this,” said Cruz of President Donald Trump’s announcement he wouldn’t participate in a virtual debate. “And unfortunately, I think this is a pattern we’ve seen play out throughout the debates, where the moderators and the debate commission have behaved like arms of the Joe Biden campaign. I think at the first debate, I think Chris Wallace did a terrible job moderating. Last night, I think Susan Page did a better job moderating. She didn’t interrupt as much.”

He went on with his discussion of how, in his mind, a virtual debate “benefits” Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

When she got to respond, Earhardt addressed the comments on Wallace: “Well, just to defend Chris Wallace, he’s part of our family and it’s not easy to debate — to moderate a debate — and I’ve watched other moderators say sometimes when you’re up there on stage — all the time when you’re up there on stage — and you’re in charge of asking the questions, you see something different than what the audience is seeing at home and it’s a difficult situation. I thought Chris did a fine job and he’s one of our friends and he’s part of our family, Ted Cruz.”

The Republican senator said he understood and Earhardt went on, “All right. I just wanted to clarify that because we love him.”

After last week’s debate, Wallace said he’d “never been through anything” like it and reflected on the “desperation” he felt from the moderator’s seat to gain control over the evening.

“I’m a pro. I’ve never been through anything like this,” Wallace told the New York Times last Wednesday. “I never dreamt that it would go off the tracks the way it did.”

Watch Earhardt and Cruz above, via Fox News.