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Al Franken Bashes Indiana’s Anti-LGBT Law, Urges David Letterman to Run for Senate (Video)

The former ”Saturday Night Live“ star called the bill Governor Mike Pence signed into law last week ”a disgrace“

Senator Al Franken ripped Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which many consider to be an anti-LGBT law, and urged David Letterman to run for state senate while appearing on CBS’ “Late Show” on Wednesday.

“What’s going on with the governor of my home state?” Letterman asked his guest, a former “Saturday Night Live” star who became a Minnesota senator in 2009.

“This was a very bad move,” Franken said. “In 1964 we kind of settled the idea that you have to serve people, even if you were biased in some way. And really the problem here is that LGBT Americans don’t have the same rights that pretty much everyone else has.”

“You can’t discriminate against someone in employment because they’re black or Jewish, but you can in many states because they’re LGBT,” Franken continued. “We gotta end that and do a national law saying you can’t do that.”

Franken called the bill Governor Mike Pence signed into law last week “a disgrace,” and urged Letterman to take action when he retires from late-night TV later this year.

“You people say, ‘How do you become a United States senator?’ And I say, ‘Do about 35, 40 years of comedy, and then run for the senate.’ It’s worked every time,” Franken said after informing Letterman incumbent senator Dan Coats isn’t running next year. “I think you should run.”

Watch the interview.