Al Franken Shreds Trump University, Scott Baio, Mike Tyson at Democratic Convention (Video)

Minnesota senator and “Saturday Night Live” writer fires up Democratic delegates

He may be a senator now, but former “Saturday Night Live” writer Al Franken hasn’t forgotten how to deliver a joke.

Franken took to the podium at the Democratic Convention Monday night to take some well-scripted jabs at Donald Trump — especially his Trump University, which is the target of a lawsuit alleging that it ripped off students with unsuccessful strategies for making a fortune in real estate.

Calling himself a “senator and world-renowned expert in right-wing megalomaniacs,” Franken said he got his own doctorate in megalomaniac studies from Trump University.

“Sure, I had to empty out my 401K and take out a reverse mortgage on my house,” he quipped.

Franken joked that students learned from “success experts like Scott Baio, Mike Tyson, and of course, a life-size cardboard cutout of Mr. Trump himself.

“Now, of course Trump University wouldn’t be Trump University without its business school. Their bankruptcy program in particular is known throughout the real estate community for its creativity,” the comedian continued.

He added: “The pride of Trump University is its library located on a shelf on the third floor of Trump Tower. All of Mr. Trump’s bestsellers are available for sale at a special rate for students, which is 10 percent higher than the retail price.”

With that, Franken delivered a full-throated endorsement of Hillary Clinton, saying he had known her for 25 years and couldn’t wait to call her “Madame President.”