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Aladdin Under Attack: 30 Percent of Republicans Support Bombing Character’s Country

New poll finds that 41 percent of Donald Trump supporters also favor bombing Agrabah

Aladdin better duck and cover.

According to a new poll released by Public Policy Polling, an alarming number of voters supports bombing Agrabah, the fictional county featured in the 1992 animated Disney film “Aladdin.”

Among those who most strongly support the possible bombing: supporters of Donald Trump, 41 percent of whom favor unloading on Agrabah.

Only 9 percent of Trump supporters disapproved of the notion.

To be fair, Trump supporters weren’t alone in wanting to bomb Agrabah — 30 percent of Republican primary voters approved of the proposed action, compared with 13 percent who opposed it. And Democrats got in on the dumbassery too, with 19 percent approving the bombing — though 36 percent of them opposed doing so.

Use those three wishes wisely.