‘Succession’ Star Alan Ruck Says He’d ‘Feel Funny’ Working on an Indie Film During SAG-AFTRA Strike (Video)

Several indies have been given the green light by the actors’ union, including “Mother Mary” with Anne Hathaway and Michaela Coel

Actor Alan Ruck attends a SAG-AFTRA picket on Friday, July 21 (Credit: Drew Taylor for TheWrap)

“Succession” star Alan Ruck has no interest in working on an independent film during the SAG-AFTRA strike despite some projects being granted a waiver to continue production.

“I’d feel funny about that,” the actor told TheWrap. “I mean, I understand that they have a different agreement with the guild and I wouldn’t look down on anybody that did that, but I don’t think I would personally. I think I’d feel funny about working during the middle of a strike. But, I mean, everybody’s got to do what they got to do.” 

As of July 20, a total of 39 indie film productions were given the green light by the actors’ union, including “Mother Mary,” a film from “The Green Knight” director David Lowery starring Anne Hathaway and Michaela Coel. The pop melodrama is about a relationship between a musician and a fashion designer. “Death of a Unicorn,” a film starring Paul Rudd as the employee of a pharmaceutical magnate who discovers the supernatural properties of a unicorn whom Rudd’s character hits with a car, is also permitted to continue filming.

Ruck also weighed in on criticism that A-list actors should be doing more to help support those on strike.

“I think a lot of the high profile people before we went on strike sent a letter, some big stars sent a letter to our negotiating committee and to Fran Drescher and to Duncan [Crabtree-Ireland] and said, ‘Hang tough, don’t cave’,” Ruck said. “So I think at this time, everybody’s behind us. I think the majority of the big stars — movie stars, TV stars — are behind us. They’re with us.”   

When asked if they should join their fellow actors on the picket line, Ruck replied, “Well, that’s tough for them because they could really get hassled. People like Brad [Pitt], he could have his clothes torn off, you know? So it’s tricky for them. They have a whole different set of problems that we just don’t know about.” 

Check out the full clip with Ruck in the video above.